Thursday, November 15, 2018

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Entering the workforce can be a scary and an exciting new experience. Your life is changing, and with change comes a new wardrobe! Torn jeans and Toms are no longer considered appropriate, and slacks and collared shirts have come to stay. Adjusting can be a difficult transition and finding a balance between your personal style and company policy can be stiffening. Here are some tips that may help you find your balance.

Accessorizing is key:

Try finding a good mixture of your personal style and what other coworkers wear. Try a slightly more conservative version or your regular... Read More

“Doll up” Your Little Girl with The Best Clothes

What’s one of the most fun things about having a little girl? Shopping; and we all may agree on that! Girls’ clothing stores are found in almost every corner of a city. It's because the clothing companies are aware of the fact that moms love dressing up their little girls in beautiful clothes. The wonderful thing about kids’ clothing is that there are so many brands available these days. The range of clothing available fits different budgets, and fulfills all of the styles and design needs. Therefore, finding a store that has all of the... Read More

The term Jewelry can be used to implicate unisex accessories as in the current age it is fancied as much by men as by women. The modern man is quite comfortable with the idea of wearing jewelry. Some men wear it on a daily basis while others like decking up in special times of celebration or for some important events. The plight of jewelry from being an isolated and ever envied accessory for women to becoming a much demanded men’s fashion accessory covers interesting factoids. Special credits are to be given to the genius of those jewelry designers who have redesigned and reinvented the significance... Read More

MIPEL – The Bag Show held in Milan, Italy, is the largest and leading international specialized Fair for leather-goods, bags, luggage, sacks, wallets and the full spectrum of leather accessories. It is held twice a year – in March and September in Milan, the global fashion and design capital since 1962. Now it has extended to manufacturers of products in alternative materials and textiles.

MIPEL Bag Show: An Outline of the Event:

MIPEL expo provides an outstanding break for all the entrepreneurs and new companies to work along with top recognized and modern brands associated... Read More

There's no shortage of trendy clothes for standard size women and an increasing number of options for plus size women. But what do you do if you're stuck between sizes? Those in-between sizes are distinctly absent on the racks of most popular retailers and it's almost impossible to show off your newfound shape in the all too generous shapes found in the plus sized shops.

So what are your options? How do you avoid clothes that are either too shabby or snug? The following tips will help relieve your burden and liberate your inner goddess.

Don't feel bad

Women are plagued... Read More

Two popular trends in denim this season are causing a near revolution: the comfort revolution. That's right, ladies, off with those skinny jeans you have to paint on and peel off. This season, you get to breathe again. Enter, the boyfriend jeans and the bootcut jeans. These two trends are taking over the fashion industry, much to the relief of almost everyone. But picking the right fit is important to pulling off the look, and knowing what to pair the jeans with can be helpful, as well. Below, you'll find helpful information on how to choose the right fit and craft a great style with two of... Read More

Though jewellery for pierced ears still remains the most dominant for earring sales on the jewellery market, there are still numerous women who would prefer to wear jewellery on their earlobes without the painful process of piercing. For these women, clip on earrings are the ideal solution.

Clip on earrings can portray the same glamorous allure of pierced earrings without placing holes in one’s earlobes. These earrings securely attach to the lobe of the ear with a tiny clipping device, often made from the same materials as the pierced earring varieties.

Clip ons are a practical... Read More

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