Saturday, February 17, 2018

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There is an age old saying that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on Earth. Well, it holds completely true. In every marriage, whether love or arranged there comes a day when one discovers true feelings for his or her partner. It is the day when little things in one’s life become special and that day is your day of love. Gifting your loved one a gift of their choice is the best way to celebrate the day. For husbands, gifting wife a piece of jewellery is a perfect way to celebrate that special day. They can choose from amazing jewellery pieces available in gold, silver, platinum and... Read More

Track of Brown bridesmaid wears

1,Full of shiny satin fabric draped with local could avoid the dresses seem to be too ordinary.

2, It is suitable for collocatiing with light green, beige and other elegant colors.

3, the hair can be a little decoration, fluffy hair and white flowers adorn make you more intimate nature.

Gentle ivory bridesmaid dresses

1,Pure white can increasingly reflect a clear and elegant of you, so that the bride is more bright, fresh, and make the bridesmaids more clean and refined temperament.

2, Adding a little black embellishment... Read More

No matter if you prefer boho, preppy, or edgy clothing, a leather jacket is the perfect way to add style and warmth to any outfit this winter. With a wide range of styles and colors, there is a leather jacket for practically every body type and personal preference. Buying it might be the easy part—styling it is another story. If you’re stuck on how to wear your leather jacket this winter, check out these great items to pair it with.

Classic Leather Jacket and Jeans

There’s a reason this is the most classic and go-to item to wear with a leather jacket—it’s easy and works with almost... Read More

Russian beauty Vlada Verevko didn't always plan on becoming a model, in fact, her original plan was to become a psychologist, but after obtaining her college degree in psychology the fashion world continued knocking at her door so she decided to give it a shot. And now, more than a decade later, Verevko continues to be in high demand as both a fashion and commercial model. Her story isn't one of climbing the ladder in hopes of making a dream come true; instead, it's a rare and unique story of instant success!

Over the years Vlada's face has appeared practically everywhere from major... Read More

A,Outdoor wedding is lively, so you can pick Bra style to act easily when taking pictures. Also do not be afraid "complicated" of trailing wedding dress.The effect of arge tail is often better than a small tail when taking photography on the outdoor lawn .

B,Wedding dresses decorated with ostrich feather is fashionable and full of bohemian feeling. Lithe and gorgeous ostrich feathers are frequently used material in daily dresses.And it is fantastic to use it in outdoor wedding dress. Crocheted collar with pearl has played a balancing role in exposing skin, so that the bride can be... Read More

The white bridesmaid dress design is very chic, collar and back with tulle to create a kind of looming temptation .And the waist design is very decent.The cut of skirt waves adds a sweet element. So,the whole range of the dresses is elegant and princess.

Silver itself is a little retro feel. Collocating with silver feather flower hair accessories and wedding shoes with silver butterfly,make the whole sliver bridesmaid dresses showed a noble retro range. Collar and skirt decorated with black and white little consistent, adding cute elements, halter design has added a sexy allure.

... Read More

Everyone has a pair of jeans. It could be that favorite pair you've had forever, or a brand new pair you just bought with Sunday newspaper coupons. But everyone has jeans they wear and love. They're comfortable, durable, and follow fashion trends as closely as women's shoes. Many offices now even allow jeans as part of their work wear, something that would have been unheard of when they began to be popular. In fact, during the 1950s, some restaurants and movie theaters refused to admit customers wearing them.

Image credit: Evening dresses uk

Jeans weren't always as fashionable... Read More

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