Friday, September 21, 2018

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As less as ten years ago, it would be virtually unheeded of for a bride other than a superstar to have her own individual make-up artist on the marriage day. Now, because of the number of beauty experts working on their own account, what used to be a costly luxury is now considered by maximum brides to be a wedding day necessity. The benefits of having your own makeup artist for wedding are quite understandable. No whooshing to and from the hairdressers on the morning of the marriage day and no eleventh hour anxieties when something, unavoidably, goes wrong. Most individuals offering this service... Read More

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition wherein the patient recurringly experiences itchy and scaly skin with small, reddish bumps. Psoriasis can manifest only on the face for some people and it can affect the entire body in others. However, the majority of the people suffering from Psoriasis complain about itchy and scaly skin on their scalp, chest, knees and elbows.

The causes of Psoriasis are still unclear. However, many studies suggest that problems in the immune system can trigger the disease. Research by Sugiyama H, Gyulai R et al, shows that activated T-cells promote the release... Read More

As per a report – Oral Heath in America, how dental healthcare professionals helps in shaping up the oral health of the Patients in the US. The same and other reports from Institute of Medicine suggest that there is additional amount of burden of oral diseases. Also, childhood is one of the most vulnerable phases wherein the oral health can be hampered. The oral disease simply lead to issues like discomfort, pain, poor self outlook, and other issues like diabetes, which prompt us to take care of our oral health. Delivering the preventive oral healthcare can be called a pertinent issue, which... Read More

Online shopping has made its mark in India for quite some time. Be it clothes or accessories, today average Indian is more or less comfortable shopping online. However when it comes to cosmetics or makeup products, many still don’t feel comfortable shopping online. Yes, there is the big disadvantage that you cannot try them before buying but the advantages more than makes up for it. Here are some awesome reasons why you should go for an online shop when it comes to cosmetics.

Are you hesitant to Buy Skin Care Products Online? Then you are not alone. While most Indians buy stationary,... Read More

For most of us, our skin is where the first visible signs of aging start to appear. Whether laugh lines or crow's feet, these things all start to creep up on all of us with time. As we age, it is important that we focus our beauty routines more on anti-aging skin care. The needs of our skin at 20 and at 50 can be quite varied and different. However, there are many best practices that we can start, no matter what our age, that help to promote overall healthy and glowing skin.

Our skin is the largest organ in the human body and also the one which is most exposed to the elements and potential... Read More

Having dark elbows can be embarrassing. Furthermore, it can prevent the use of sleeveless attire for the shame of being seen or watched. Darkened elbows may result from some factors. First, skin ageing is one reason. We cannot blame for these. Other causes of the same include pigmentation and the dead cells on the skin. The darken elbows portray the skin as having a tone that is uneven. Unfortunately, even the strongest creams may not remove dark elbows. Even skin lightening creams cannot eliminate the dark elbows for you. Going for the most expensive products may not even be the solution.... Read More

Your face is the center of your beauty and therefore, calls for maximum proper care. Washing your face is one of the basic ways of protecting the beauty of your skin. It enables you to get rid of the cover of dirt that can clog the skin pores. Leaving your pores clogged could lead to the acne outbreak, something that most teenagers are struggling with. A layer of dirt also prevents the appearance of the younger growing layer. This makes your face look dull and old. However, washing your face the wrong way is even worse. The following are the mistakes that you could be making while washing... Read More

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