Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Love is precious. Love is sweet. And love is exclusive too. Most of us want our want to be unique. This really is exactly why people often decide for designer Engagement Rings when they have to gift one thing special to their partners. Designer rings are becoming immensely popular because of the uniqueness factor. The market of designer wedding ring is vast, and it have unique yet awesome design and styles for your lover. Dazzle your love life with a wedding ring developed by you because it will truly show your feelings.

Engagement Rings can give you and your to-be-bride reasons to... Read More

Missing very little to the marriage between Cecilia Rodriguez and Francesco Monte and sister Belen took advantage of the event "The dress of dreams" for the tests to be bride. In white dress sexy and overwhelming, the Rodriguez walked the runway of Dubrovnik with the clothes of the most important day. Emotion and sex appeal, that the evidence for the wedding day with Francis.

Everything is ready for the wedding of her sister Belen is now common knowledge. Choosing the location, an oasis from the Arabian Nights in Puglia, and the details, just missing that the people involved unveil the... Read More

It's the duty of the bride-to-be to get the best bridesmaids dresses which will make the woman entourage look their best through the wedding. If you want to have a elegant wedding, here are 5 fantastic and stylish bridesmaids' dresses concepts that you can take a look at.

The One Shoulder joint Dress: Every bridesmaid will cherish this pick. This one shoulder joint silhouette is a top select amongst even the most type conscious women, as is actually trendy and versatile.

Mix Coloring and fabric that you would like each of the dresses to be made out of. Simply by deciding on one... Read More

If you have never done something before, it is wise that you try it out especially if it looks like it is going to be good for you in some way. If you have never shopped online, you should give it a try and see how it goes. Make a purchase of ten dollars and see what you will receive and how long it takes to get to you.

As a Lady who is always on the move you need to carry you essentials with you at all times, this includes your wallet, mobile phone and make up. You will need a handbag to carry all you things when moving around but when you dress up to go out on a date or formal party... Read More

A Hong Kong billionaire has disbursed a record $ 48.46 million dollars, excluding commissions, to give her daughter the "Blue Moon", a spectacular 12.03 carat blue diamond put under the hammer at Sotheby's in Geneva.

The real estate tycoon Joseph Lau, sentenced in 2014 for corruption in Macau, the gambling capital of the world, bought the stone in Switzerland on Wednesday and immediately renamed "The Blue Moon of Josephine (Josephine Blue Moon) "in honor of his daughter of seven.

Photos : billionaire buy fashion jewelry

The day before, the billionaire former British colony... Read More

In late October, the day after the press preview of the Balmain x H&M collection, some idiot from this paper queried whether the price tags of these bejewelled party dresses and pearl-encrusted jackets were too high for their target high-street customers. “Four hundred pounds is a lot to pay for a dress for which you will probably have to queue from dawn on a cold November morning,” she wrote, archly.

Prom Dresses

Last week, when those £400 dresses finally went on sale, shoppers from Seoul to Paris camped overnight to pay for them. Outside the Oxford Street store, opportunist... Read More

Are you familiar with Netflix? It’s the subscription-based film and TV program rental service that offers popular media to subscribers via Internet streaming and via U.S. mail.

Now, Rent the Runway hasn’t yet figured out how to stream a designer gown to a subscriber, but it’s worked hard to master a reverse logistics system that has tens of thousands of haute couture garments criss-crossing our nation on any given day.

The 6-year-old company created by two 20-something Harvard MBAs rents designer dresses and accessories (necklaces, jewelry, handbags, etc.) via a photo-rich... Read More

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