Thursday, September 20, 2018

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The small town of Heart Lake is beginning to lose its friendly, small town feeling, so Sarah Goodwin, who owns the town bakery, Jamie Moore, owner of The Chocolate Bar, and Emma Swanson of Emma’s Quilt Corner decide it’s time to find a way to help people feel more connected. Their solution: random acts of kindness. And not just from them. The women sponsor a town meeting, encouraging the few people who turn out to start a movement. Soon people all over town are extending kindness to each other in heartwarming small ways. Most important, though, they learn that the only way to get a better life,... Read More

After Charlie the frog accidentally breaks his mother’s vase, he runs away from home. Charlie and his new best friends Leo and Joe, live in a little orange tent outside Mrs. Cupcake’s bakery. A homesick Charlie, Leo and Joe, journey far away to find Charlie’s mother. This is the premise of Diana Rumjahn’s delightful children’s picture book, Charlie and Mama Kyna.

We had the opportunity to interview Ms. Rumjahn to find out more about her book and her publishing journey.

Thank you for this interview, Diana. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how long you’ve been... Read More

I was fortunate enough to get Rolf to agree to an interview as part of his virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion. This is what he had to say:

What is the latest book or movie that made you cry?

Men of Honor, starring Cuba Gooding JR.

What fictional character is most like you?

I’m told, Tim the Toolman Taylor.

What is the greatest album ever?

Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd.

Ok, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter?

Hands down, Lord of the Rings.

What is your... Read More

The big, traditional book-publishing companies are the dinosaurs of our time: huge, slow-moving and doomed. Like their brethren the newspaper, magazine and broadcast companies, they have watched through slow-blinking eyes as a wildfire revolution has transformed, and continues to transform, the way people get and use information.

I, having committed three books with and for the fossil book industry (plus two others for hire and a couple dozen edits), decided to surf the tsunami of change with my next title; I have joined the POD people, and I am not sure that the future is here yet.... Read More

We’ve all played the waiting game – that inevitable time period between putting that first word on our eagerly awaited book-to-be to the time it finally becomes published.

J.R. Hauptman, author of The Target: Love, Death and Airline Deregulation, waited twenty years for his book to be published. He began the book about five years after he lost his job as an airline pilot during the turmoil of the early years of airline deregulation when a corporate raider took control of the airline, drove the company into bankruptcy and used that as a pretext to tear up their labor... Read More

" No more mockery of justice, no more favoring the fallen Watcher! Let the weak and the orphan have justice, be fair to the wretched and destitute; rescue the weak and needy, save them from the clutches of the fallen Watchers." Ps. 82 Jerusalem Bible Corruption. Scandal. Betrayal. Created for divinity but fallen by pride and lust. The book, Fallen Angels written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet reads better than fiction. Turn the pages of a real life, suspense thriller and what you will discover is the unedited version of Genesis. Fallen Angels is a translation of the Book of Enoch, a book which... Read More

J.R. Hauptman has been a professional pilot for nearly a half century. Barely twenty years old, he began as a military pilot and for almost two years he flew combat support missions in the Viet Nam War. Upon leaving military service he was hired by a major airline and was initially based on the West Coast. His flying career was interrupted by the turmoil that racked the airline industry during the early days of deregulation. In the interim, he worked as a travel agent, a stockbroker and even trained dogs and horses. In the late nineteen-eighties, he returned to aviation, flying jet... Read More

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