Monday, July 23, 2018

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The Black Library is the publishing arm of Games Workshop, the England-based creators of the table-top miniatures war-game Warhammer. Through novels and short stories, The Black Library's featured authors explore both the fantasy and 40k universes depicted in the game. In my opinion, the novels set in the 40k universe are far better than the ones set in the Fantasy universe. That's not to say that the Fantasy novels aren't worth reading, only that they are good to read when there is no other alternative. Such was the situation I found myself in when I read Nick Kyme's newest offering.... Read More

A troubled fourteen-year-old girl runs away in 70’s California and meets an outlandish assortment of individuals including cannibals, warlocks, and bikers as she settles into a world of drugs, promiscuity, and life on the street in First Trip by Cheryl Taylor.Our heroine, Dawn, is a free spirit in every sense with her own unique way of managing diverse situations. Like runways from any generation, Dawn ran from a difficult home life. Her father left when she was a child and the relationship between her mother and step-father was tumultuous at best. Smoking and drinking become coping mechanisms... Read More

Hi. My name is Joe and I'm a nerd (this is where you all say, "Hi Joe!", you know how it's done, you remember). That can mean a lot of things, but right now, I'd like to focus on the sci-fi/fantasy nerd within me. Some of you know what I'm talking about. Starships, aliens, swords, sorcery. The ONLY section worth perusing at Barnes & Noble is the one full of orcs and trolls, wizards and assassins. Yeah, I'm that kind of nerd.

So by now you have probably guessed that I love reading sci-fi/fantasy books. But there is a bit of a problem. You see, usually, when I am browsing my... Read More

May, 1946. America is basking in hard-won peace and prosperity. The OSS has been disbanded, CIA does not yet exist. Rumors swirl about the Red Army massing tanks along the Elbe in East Germany.

Former OSS agent Hal Schroeder gets an offer from Global Commerce LTD to be a trade rep in Berlin. He flies to New York to meet his new boss. Hal’s jaw drops when former OSS Chief Wild Bill Donovan strides in. Schroeder, who survived perilous duty behind German lines, says he is no longer interested in being a spy. General Donovan assures him that’s not part of his job description.

Hal... Read More

Suthep Srikureja lives in Bangkok with his wife and three children. An entrepreneur and a writer, he can often be found immersed in various bodies of water. The Traveler is his first book.

What is the latest book or movie that made you cry?

Neil Gaiman's "Blueberry Girl" mae me quite emotional. What fictional character is most like you? Probably the protagonist in most Murakami stories. A little passive, simply allowing life and peculiar events to happen to him up to a point where he really must act to take back control or risk losing everything. What is the greatest album ever?... Read More

A young journalist travels deep into the Amazon jungle and a young girl stops at nothing to save her friend from the ominous Sky Teacher. Find undiscovered shamanic tribes, experiment with psychedelic medicines, uncover unusual happenings at a Franciscan mission, and much more in Beyond the Basin by Alexander Beiner. Anjuiga is an 11-year-old native living with her tribe in the rainforest. In secret, she meets with her friend, Ruah, to play at the basin. Ruah retells the Sky Teacher’s stories and describes the horror that will befall Anjuiga if she doesn’t join him and the other converted villagers... Read More

The Vincent family is set to enjoy some downtime at their Mudeford Sandbank beach hut, near Christchurch Harbour in Dorset, England. It doesn’t take long for a shocking, brutal murder to disturb this tranquil setting in Sandman by author Ian Kingsley.We meet Paul Vincent, his wife, Sasha, and their 13-year-old daughter, Leah, at a windsurfing lesson. We quickly learn how Sasha’s flirting brings out the worst in Paul. Paul finds himself apologizing for a jealous outburst directed at the windsurf instructor. The point-of-view switches to actress Carol Davis recalling her horrifying rape on the... Read More

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Shaun you're probably nearer the mark than most. "mmm...right right" spoken with contemplative "yawn" inflection when you join a writers' group or dare blurt out in front of established writers (any writers) you tend to scribble, usually sending all...

The Writer's Ego

Very interesting train of thoughts, but I found myself asking, what about those that write under a ghost it to keep their privacy, or perhaps lack of ego...I actually can see both sides, especially when you are talking about writing fiction....