Monday, May 21, 2018

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Fair skin has its advantages in India

Way back in 1978, Hindustan Unilever (a division of Unilever in India) launched a skin whitening cream called Fair & Lovely. It's been a runaway success ever since and is going strong even now! That's not all. Fair & Lovely is not only available for women to help them in the eternal quest to become a fair bride (a highly sought after status in India), it now available for men as well! Talk about gender equality!

Contemporary India is obsessed with fair skin. Fair skin is equated with wealth, health, greater social standing, and therefore... Read More

Let this celebration be special with thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Balloons are cheerful and will make things go very well with its happiness. Now here are the ideas of balloon delivery that will simply make your dear one’s day special!

Congratulation with 'Cheers'

Congratulate your dear ones with this cheerful balloon bouquet perfectly bunched in a right way. These latex balloon bouquets are right for delivery anywhere. Specialized balloon artists have made it even more special that gives you A unique set of a balloon bouquet. The colorful balloon bouquet brings in cheerful... Read More

Everybody knows that India or as the country is known today has always influenced world culture, religion, food and numerous other aspects of daily life including education and technology. If you were not already proud of a rich ancient heritage and modern presence, we bring to you a list of things which are as such paltry but play a very crucial role in human life whenever put to use…AND were first made in India.

Indigo Dye – Indigo dye or the color blue which Newton added to his previous palette of five primary colours was first reportedly produced freely in India. The Mesopotamians... Read More

Trupti Desai of Bhumata Brigade was beaten up the other day simply for entering the sanctum of Mahalaxmi Temple at Kolhapur in Maharashtra in a dress that is generally used by women in Punjab. Once used only by the Punjabis, the dress is now common all over India, including remote places of the North-East and South India, presumably because it offers ease in carrying out regular activities and daily chores inside the house or outside. The sari seems to hamper women in that and is also, apparently, cumbersome. The Punjabi outfit is no less Indian than sari and yet she was assaulted in a display... Read More

Croatia has dozens of great summer festivals: it’s a great way to enjoy music, rest, experience the idyllic surroundings of festival sites, and explore Croatia at the same time. Here are the five festivals you should check out in 2016:

INmusic Festival, Zagreb

Held annually in Zagreb, the INmusic festival is the largest international open-air festival in the country. It features several stages, both domestic and international rock, metal, electronica and hip-hop artists, and a variety of additional side-content designed to keep festival-goers entertained all day long. This year... Read More

An Instagram celebrity recently spoke out about her social media addiction. She gained fame through her Instagram photos that show off what seemed to be a perfect life. She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful body and in no time got recognized by online shops and was offered sponsorships. All she had to do was wear the clothes sent to her, pose for a photo, look good and post it on Instagram. Soon she gained over 400,000 followers.

But, what people didn’t know what was going on in the #goals and #inspirational photos. She was suffering. She was addicted. She thirst for likes and follows,... Read More

To put it in another word, tipping.Leaving behind a little extra something money wise to say thanks for the good service.

Do you tip?If so how much do you tip?

Do you just round up to the next full equal figure, or do you leave a percentage of what the bill was for a tip?

Who do you tip?Do you tip at a restaurant, do you tip your post carrier?What about housekeeping at a hotel, do you tip the maid?

Who you tip, and how much you tip, and if you even tip at all really comes down to a few factors, and the biggest of those factors is where you live, and what the culture... Read More

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