Monday, November 12, 2018

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Why Don’t We Write?

What is it that prevents us from writing the very words that cloud our minds in the moment of inspiration?

Is the fear that what we have to say may seem relevant and hold purpose to ourselves but not others?

Is it that we fear that what we feel so passionately about may evidently fall upon deaf ears?

Before we allow ourselves to dream bigger than any physical wall which could separate us from the things we most desire, too often do we chain ourselves down before we can even leave the grounds of our true potential.

In our hearts we understand... Read More

Raw, naked and intense. That's the way I awoke. I couldn't quite remember what caused such powerful emotions. But I was definitely wanting to feel more of them. Like a distant memory, my thoughts left me and soon I was remembering what was next.

All about warm. It took me, not for granted but just took hold of me and pounded against me, really warm and steamy water beating against my face, my body, which felt so amazing. Why ever leave?

I knew what was next. Dry off and begin the lotion and oils. What scent reminded me of the experience I wanted to know today?

I found one....mmm...or... Read More

Oh what a tedious, mind-numbing day of endless thoughts. Should I? Should I not? Would I, if I were 20 years younger or would I not?

But does it really matter much anyway? No matter the number of steps forward I take to connect, I find myself wanting to step back, almost as if never moving forward at all. But am I not supposed to keep hope alive?

Tick tock. The clock moves on.

And here I am no different than I was a moment ago...or was it 10 years ago? I really can't seem to tell much difference.

Sometimes time moves. Sometimes I'm not quite sure. I think the light... Read More

It's not that it takes over my life, but the bulk of my social life is by way of conversing on Facebook. (Yes, its pathetic I know!) Even through that forum somehow the conversation falls apart. Let me just say that words on a computer screen that are typed by anyone tends to be taken out of content sooner or later. Either one word or a statement can ruin a chat and so the time it took to build something solid is destroyed. The person on the other end quickly becomes judgmental and angry.

Then you have to explain yourself what you meant because the other person doesn't understand nor... Read More

My Thoughts:

I never really gave fate or detiny a second thought. Until I moved to this town on the outskirts of Boston. This is not the kind of place I ever thought I would live, or dare raise children. But, Here I am.

Of coarse I met a man, fell in love and moved to HIS hometown. So the first couple of weeks I'm here, I called 911 three times. Oh, yes I did!

I found a man dead in the doorway to our condo. Called police and emt's took him away.

a week later: The same man, dead in my doorway, full of vomit, urinated on himself and the 911 dispatcher yelled at me... Read More

I don't question why I am this "Way".. I used too, though.

I would insanely agonize over my so called "sickness" that's what "he" called it. That's what "she" hollered in the numerous high-pitched cell phone messages.

"We love you...We just want you to get help."

"Help for what?" I laughed...

"Is it really the end of the world, because I like belts?"

"Okay, I admit it! I am saving myself from damnation and I wanna go to Heaven! I confess my sins to my Lord and Savior" (With fingerprint spit tears down my cheeks) I plead. "I wanna be saved"...(on my knees... Read More

Rummaging through the desk fingers plummeted deep beneath papers. Fingertips desperately searching, until I found it. A plain-white, unlined, notepad. Ferociously, I wrenched it from the drawer, and grabbed a glass jar of thumbtacks from the shelf. I quickly retreated to the kitchen. At, the far end..lie an empty wall; my firing target.

I threw the things on the kitchen table, yanked a black marker from my back pocket, and wrote erratically. I scribbled..then ripped. Scribbled then ripped... scribbling and ripping .. HURT CHEAT ABANDONMENT DISRESPECT HATE USED LIES... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

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ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?