Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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By Kim

There was an unmistakable Count Basie spirit in the room on a unusually sunny Sunday afternoon, January 11 at the infamous and wonderful "Jazz at the A frame". The "Duke" was a favorite flavor as well, but the main spice was space....and time. Who knows that better than the Master Mind of it - William "Count" Basie?

Kate Reid - Vocalist and Pianist with her swinging quartet brought a nice get an away from it all day to a Jazz devoted audience.

Steve Reid - Trumpet

Steve Barnes - Drums and other percussion

Chris Connors - Bass

Sax, Alto Flute and Concert... Read More

By Kim

Thousands may have watched with festive flair in temperatures of 4 degrees while the infamous ball descended in Times Square, New York, but in Los Angeles on a foggy and cold New Year's Eve we had our very own innovative transcend into 2009.

The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles, California presented a celebration which captured and warmed a sold out crowd on the final night of 2008.

There was the magic of music, camaraderie, celebration, champagne, tasty hors d'oeuvres, soul connection, and unlimited elation.

A breath-taking and illustrious Guitarist, Kenny Burrell was on hand... Read More

There is a guy who has been walking through the Marina in San Francisco recently with his very own small circus. It’s a fascinating sight that snarls pedestrian traffic and draws a crowd wherever it goes. It’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever witnessed and I can’t help but write about it.

The best way I can describe it is a cat and two rats on top of a dog. I know that it sounds like something out of a Dr. Seuss story, but it’s true. The dog is a Rottweiler Lab mix and on his back he is carrying a American Tabby. Draped around the cat’s neck... Read More

Dear Santa...........

" You know I'm a good person, I pay my taxes, I give to the needy, I give to the wanted. I'm only asking for one thing this year, I want the woman of my dreams. I know you can make this happen for me.

I definitely do not want someone shallow. Or someone who has to look at the physical aspect. Do you know how hard it would be to try to make conversation with a girl who keeps staring at my wheelchair. Trying to figure out why I put spinners on it. Or the girl who keeps looking around, because she can figure out which one of my eyes is looking at her, *sigh*.... Read More

By Kim

The Jazz Bakery, located on the edge of Culver City, CA. received a most welcome Christmas gift on a Los Angeles cold and frosty evening, December 20th. The Clayton Brothers Quintet presented one of the most prolific musical gifts of all time, as they prepared an intimate, innovative, intuitive, and awe-inspiring Jazz course.

The following astonishing musicians were the Jazz Chefs of the night.

Legendary and Elegant John Clayton - Bass

Distinguished Jeff Clayton - Saxophone

Unconventional Quincy Davis - Drums

Miraculous Gerald Clayton - Piano

Compelling... Read More

By Kim

Listen to the sound of the espresso machine, savor the festive decor, enjoy holiday treats, share a hug, holiday drink and much more.

Look!!! Santa's hat, just whisked by the door, a homeless man asks you to dig in the pocket. And give just a bit more.

Live Christmas Carols are played for free, a child all of 3 makes a request for St. Nicholas' best and with less than 2 weeks to go, we may have snow. Who knows? Don't let it go without some memorable resonating reflections that take you into the New Year of 2009.

The "holiday season" should be a spark in the fire that... Read More

By Kim

In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, on 5th and Figueroa sits a marvelous restaurant.

Ciudad, is a superb experience in dining. Its best known for its authentic Latin flavors that include succulent temptations from Cuba, South America, and Central America.

The drink menu presents a fantastic selection of mixed drinks, wines, and... very smooth, sleek, and splendid drink known as " Supremo Mojito." It is true to its name.

I'd add to this list a friendly and sensitive clientele, wonderful ambience, cool music (Wednesday and Friday nights),... Read More

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