Saturday, March 24, 2018

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St. Elmo Village 40th Anniversary Celebration

Los Angeles-It would be an understatement to say that everyone had a good time at the St. Elmo Village 40th Anniversary Celebration: Drums, Blues and Jazz Festival, Memorial Day Weekend. The celebration was held on Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24. The appropriate thing to say was an excellent time was had by everyone in attendance at the St. Elmo Village 40th Anniversary Celebration: Drums, Blues and Jazz Festival.

Welcome and Introductions were provided by host Charles Reese. He made sure that everyone was constantly aware... Read More

The following article was written by Jennifer Ward and funded by Spot.Us.

On a crisp spring California afternoon, long after the echo of the last final bell, 40 parents, students and teachers gathered in a too-warm classroom at Paul Robeson School of Visual and Performing Arts to ask California State administrator Vincent Matthews to reconsider his decision to close the East Oakland school.

In articulate and passionate voices, students told Matthews that the school offered important second chances to kids transferring from larger schools.

"I feel Paul Robeson... Read More

There is a misconception that everything west of the San Andreas Fault is going to fall off into the Pacific Ocean. The reality is that the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate are actually passing each other. It is estimated that in several billion years Los Angeles will eventually have snow on a regular basis because it will have actually moved to Canada.

Fortunately for us, we won't be around to see it.

But it certainly does bring up an interesting topic -- as does Digidave's proposal.

In the eight or so years that I have lived in the High Desert of California,... Read More

As part of our call for contributions: LA vs The Big One I thought I'd share my memories of the Northridge earthquake in 94'. If you have thoughts about LA and earthquakes - please contribute them to the call for contributions.

I was in the 6th grade. Five friends of mine were spending the night. And as 12 year olds tend to do, we were up late watching HBO and Showtime talking about the cute girls on the screen, although none of us were even finished with puberty.

My sister, three years old, also had two friends spending the night.

For those keeping track that makes for... Read More

This is for all my Northern California Readers. I don’t normally like to write bad reviews but this is warranted, especially in the times where money is tight and if you do go out to eat, you want a pleasant dining experience for your money.

As a promise to my mom when I move down here to lovely sunny and recently Earth shooken Los Angeles, I come home once a month to visit.

Usually we go shopping, movie or dinner. You know the mother/daughter stuff.

My neighborhood that grew up in has had interesting changes over the last 30 years, and I’m glad to see some... Read More

I am a stalwart pedestrian. This is a subject of endless amusement to my friends and people I meet, especially now that I have moved out of the Big City... because it means that at 30, I still have not gotten a driver's license. I had a permit for years, took some lessons, never quite got the test, and the permit expired and I'm back to nil. The only ID I have is my passport (only recently renewed) -- and for a while I didn't even have that.... which is a whole other story, and another area of incessant hilarity around the bar.

Now, let's make sure we're on the same page: I am not opposed... Read More

Santa Monica Festival-Greener and Greener

Santa Monica-I arrived at Clover Park at 2600 Ocean Park Blvd. just in time to catch the last couple of tunes performed by Masanga Marimba as they presented a set of popular music and dance of Zimbabwe and Latin America. I had the pleasure of seeing this group on two prior occasions-California Plaza during Grand Performances Concert Series and at Hollywood and Highland. The group has since recorded two CD’s- self titled Masanga Marimba Ensemble and Mas Masanga and added two energetic dancers Ronnie Daliyo and Julia Chiyambo.

The... Read More

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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Improving Pedestrian Safety

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