Thursday, September 20, 2018

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By Kim

An afternoon sizzling in temperature presented a haven of welcome relief at the Artists' Debut at the Cheryl Hines Studio in Los Angeles on September 19th. Original works exhibit in a splendid fashion. Ms. Hines had remarkable pieces available for admiring and for sale to take home for display in your home or office.

As you may have guessed I'm not referring to the Artist "Cheryl Hines" in Beverly Hills.

I'm speaking of a vibrant and creative entrepreneur whose goal is producing natural prints.

The works of art she creates convey the beauty, expression, chronicles,... Read More

This weekend in Palm Springs a wonderful event is happening. “Paws For A Cause” a benefit to save the pets.

The fabulous ladies of burlesque are gathering with Fans, Boas, Tassels and other tools of the trade to entertain and appeal to your prurient interest as well as your wallets to help the worthy cause of animal rescue.

If you have never seen real burlesque, even if you have no affection for animals (I can’t imagine that person) this is an event worth seeing.

You have probably never seen real Burlesque (it is not pole dancing.) When you see some real pro’s entertain... Read More

Last night, thousands of people in Chengdu were immersed in the golden voice of Placido Domingo when the Spanish tenor was performing on its sole concert in Chengdu, capital city of southwest Sichuan Province. More than 6,000 dressed audience swarmed into Sichuan Gym and witnessed the historical and exciting moments.

The concert began with Johann Strauss Sr.'s most famous piece Redetzky March. After the band's performance, Domingo, wearing dark-blue suit and black shirt, appeared on the stage and sang his first song, an excerpt piece of The Lay of the Cid, the oldest preserved Spanish... Read More

By Kim

It’s a dimly lit space. A few people are gathered. A warm and very thoughtful host meets you as you enter at the front door. "Good Evening, Welcome to the World Stage". He smiles. The same gentleman would later share a wealth of knowledge in regards to history of the World Stage, Leimert Park, and Jazz Roots.

The musicians are completing their set up for the adventure about to begin.

Portraits of some of the most creative and best loved musicians surround you on the wall.

They paved the way for what is to come.

There's Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Miles Davis,... Read More


By Vundula

Ka boom! My small dinner table quivered spilling its contents. I stood silent. A cold shiver rushed through my spine. The bang scared the wits out of me. And while I fumbled for my daughter’s telephone number…boom…a repeat of lesser magnitude but all the same adding to the scare.

Yes, I was scared; but not of the earthquake. The thought of an earthquake didn’t cross my mind. I know earthquakes occur. I experienced my first earthquake in Los Angeles way back in 1973. And I have since read about... Read More

When I first decided to move to New York, I told everyone I’d be living in the hip, trendy, East Village area of Manhattan. Naturally, why wouldn’t I want to live there? After all, I had visited for two weeks and spent most of my free time sipping lattes at the quaint cafes, trying new cuisines at the French restaurants, shopping in the over-priced boutiques and took in as much Jazz as I could stomach while I got myself acquainted with what I thought would be my new neighborhood. Of course, since when does life ever go as we plan? After searching for apartments through Craigslist,... Read More

When a person behaves in a fashion that is unacceptable in public, they deserve to go to jail. That is what Henry Louis Gates, Jr., did and he got publicly bitch-slapped for it. He deserved every single minute of his arrest and incarceration for acting like a stupid idiot with a chip on his shoulder.On Thursday, July 16, police acted on a tip from Cabridge resident Lucia Whalen that two black men were attempting to break into the house of her neighbor. The neighbor happened to be Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. When police arrived, Sergeant James Crowley notified Mr. Gates that... Read More

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